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29 Nov 2015
Desktop Thumbnails in Mission Control

osx elcapitan

Mission Control

Mission Control has changed in OSX El Capitan. It’s a really useful to switch quickly between different desktops. But desktop thumbnail doesn’t appear in El Capitan. This is so annoying to me. Everytime I need to see all my desktop thumbnails.

I found this page to resolve the problem.

How to show all desktop thumbnails

Step 0. Install BetterTouchTool

Use BetterTouchTool app instead of OSX trackpad gesture config. Install BetterTouchTool from Download page if you don’t already have it.

Step 1. Disable Trackpad Gesture Config

Uncheck the Mission Control on the More Gestures Tab in Trackpad of System Preferences.

Disable Trackpad Gesture

Step 2. Add 4 Fingers Swipe Up Gesture

Go to the Trackpad Tab in BetterTouchTool and press “+ Add New Gesture” to assign new gesture for Mission Control. Choose “4 Finger Swipe Up” to trigger for “Touchpad Gesture:” then “Mission Control & Immediately Show Desktop Preview” to show thumbnails for “Predefined Action:”

BetterTouchTool Assigned

Now, you will always show the desktop thumbnails by default.

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